7 días de detox de dolor, miedo y enfermedad/7-Days of Pain, Fear and Disease Detox

Con Lourdes Cayon

junio 23, 2023 - junio 29, 2023

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Deep purification of your life experiences through the intestine./Purificación profunda de tus experiencias de vida, a través del intestino.

In this retreat, we will use channeled healing and therapeutic physical movements to allow you to become aware of the emotions, thoughts and toxins that you have stored in the different organs and tissues of the body, so that they can be eliminated using the intestine as an exit door. With this process, the memories, patterns, emotions and experiences that have marked, damaged and limited your life are awakened so that you can begin to clean your field, release the trauma and approach a more contemplative state of your essence.

The transmission you will receive in the channeled healings will help you to cleanse, heal and balance the different organs and systems of the body, including the microbiota or intestinal flora. By receiving the best quality water, food and supplements during your stay, the de-inflammation processes will be activated and your body will begin to regain intelligence in its chemical and electrical processes.

This retreat is unique in its kind, combining channeled healing transmissions, clean eating, supplementation, movement, meditation, ancestral techniques of intestinal purification and relaxation. In this way, you will be able to work with your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.

This retreat is for you if…

  • You want to know the techniques to communicate with your body; this way you will always know what you need and you will be able to make the best decisions regarding food, exercise, supplements and rest, so you will never again follow the diet of others.
  • You want to receive channeled healing to help your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies come back into balance and heal.
  • You want to cleanse the gut through ancient and natural techniques.
  • You want to help balance the body’s microbiota.
  • You want to reduce internal inflammation and begin to heal the following symptoms:
    – Dysbiosis
    – Constipation
    – Diarrhea
    – Leaky gut
    – Menstrual symptoms
    – Polycystic ovary
    – Liver and pancreas disorders
    – Imbalances in sugar levels
    – Thyroid imbalances
    – Skin disorders
    – Respiratory conditions
    – Seasonal allergies
    – Chronic illnesses
    – Depression / Anxiety

What are you going to experience in this retreat?

We begin the retreat by reviewing how you arrive, how your physical body and its processes are, how your mind and emotions are. This review will allow us to assess your achievements.

You will learn an ancient technique so that all your organs, systems and meridians communicate with each other and you can receive the correct information from your body. With these techniques you will decide what to eat, what to cleanse your intestines with and what supplements to take during your stay.

We will start the day with the right tea for you and with breaths that will activate you. We will bring awareness to the organs we will work on that day and, through group movement sessions, you will get in touch with the thoughts, emotions and experiences lodged in your organs and tissues. By opening the door to your information you will be able, in the privacy of your room, to eliminate all those toxins and patterns through the intestine.

This cleansing process is safe and efficient, and your body sets the tone and tells us what you need. We will give you all the necessary materials and explanations so you can cleanse and eliminate everything that limits, sickens, damages and intoxicates you.

The day will continue with rest and breakfast and we will prepare to receive the Healing Transmission that Lourdes Cayón will make available to you, so that your different bodies can take advantage of the vibration of the Divine and begin your processes of health, peace and clarity.

Some days, after lunch we will have a Transmission of Information and other days we will have some special activities prepared for you.

We will teach you a process that you will follow before going to sleep, so that your sleep will be a door of contact with your Divine Self and this process will help you to heal and improve your life.

All the food served during this retreat is clean, which means that it is cooked with processes that do not harm the nutrients, in addition to being prepared with organic foods, many of which are harvested from sacred land.

The water is of high quality, with a high level of antioxidants and with the correct ph according to the processes we are going through.

All the supplements and treatments that you will receive to detoxify yourself are elaborated with products of the highest quality, through millenary processes. The juices that you will receive throughout the day are designed to provide high nutrition, as they are made in machines that do not damage the enzymes and nutrients of the plants. Everything is designed so that your body is cleansed the first few days and then balanced and nourished.

All these processes and teachings will be enhanced by the healing energy that the sacred land of Shambalanté possesses, which is also the ideal space for you to be able to enjoy the healing energy of the sacred land of Shambalanté.

At the end of the 7 days of Detox you will be able to evaluate your changes and progress, while, with the help of the booklet you will receive, you will be able to take home assignments and recipes to continue the work and nutrition at home. This experience will give you techniques so that in the future you can heal yourself, stay strong and at peace.

After these 7 days, you will know how to deal with the strongest emotions and experiences in your life, so you will have the necessary tools to keep your being clean and balanced.

The program includes:

  • Lodging in the selected room.
  • Cost of the retreat.
  • Daily channeled healing transmission with Lourdes Cayon.
  • Clean diet, based on organic foods, with the use of non-inflammatory oils, prepared with non-polluting cooking utensils, organic cold-pressed juices, foods high in phytonutrients and enzymes, super foods and water with high levels of antioxidants, as well as the correct ph.
  • Material and supplies for intestinal cleanses.
  • Ebook with the information you need during the retreat, including recipes for you to continue the work at home.
  • Supplements that your body needs.


  • Premium Doble – MXN $35,500.00
  • Premium Individual – MXN $43,000.00
Reserva ahora y recibe 5% de descuento. Oferta valida hasta 04/06/2023.

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