Tantra is love

Discover the Art of Sacred Sexuality as a path to the recognition of our essential nature. 

Over the course of three days of immersion we will explore the basic elements in the Tantric path that will lead you to understand what Tantra is as a spiritual path and the difference with sacred sexuality as a vehicle of transformation to deepen spiritual practice.  

We will introduce theory, techniques and practices on how to channel, control and sublimate sexual energy for higher purposes, as well as how to approach sexual union in a sacred way, which will result in:

●     Identifying the relationship you have with sexuality
●    The art of conscious intimate relationships
●    Connecting with our purest intention and opening ourselves to sacredness
●    Transfiguration with the Divine and opening to the universality of Love
●    Using sexual energy as a catalyst for transformation
●    Opening to intimacy and the recognition of the depth of our Being.

Although over three days we will only be able to address the basic elements of the practice, you will receive the necessary map and tools that will awaken the inspiration to continue the exploration of the teachings and use them as an instrument of expansion of consciousness. All this will be framed within the Method of Self-Enquiry, which will allow you to recognize with detachment and presence the power of creative energy, where sexual union is recognized as an act of Consciousness.  

This workshop does not include any type of nudity or explicit sexuality and is appropriate for any gender identity, as well as for both singles and couples. Join us and explore::

●    What is Tantra and Tantric Sexuality.
●    Sacred Polarity. Consciousness and Energy: the union of Shiva and Shakti.
●    Brahmacharya (tantric training for women and men with practical exercises and theory)
●    Pillars of Sacred Sexuality
●    Self-Enquiry (based on the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi)
●    Closing Ritual

What you will learn as you explore the art of sacred sexuality:

  • What is Tantra?
  • Polarity – Consciousness and Energy: the union of Shiva and Shakti
  • Tantric training for women and men (theory and practice)
  • Pillars of Sacred Sexuality
  • Inquiry of oneself
  • You will be part of a closing ritual

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