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Javier Sanhueza

Javier has spent the last few years traveling throughout the Americas and Asia, in a quest to learn and heal through ancestral healing techniques. 

His journey began in 2015, when he had a first encounter with Ayahuasca medicine, which laid the foundation for his healing process and began to reveal the true nature of his being.

In 2016, Javier immersed himself in the study of yoga, learning meditation techniques, pranayama (Kriya Yoga) and esoteric asana, before embarking on a journey to the Amazon.  Javier spent much of his time as an apprentice to a Shipibo healer, with whom he learned how to perform ceremonies, diet and prepare ayahuasca. Shortly after, he arrived in Iquitos (Peru), where he became a Tabaquero-Curandero, under the guidance of Ernesto García Torres, who initiated him in the art of healing with Tobacco.

Javier combines his experiences in the jungle with a deep knowledge of the body to facilitate healing. In addition, he has years of experience practicing mixed martial arts and, during the last three years, he immersed himself fully in the study of Yoga, a discipline in which he became certified as a teacher through Pyramid Yoga Center in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

 Currently, Javier integrates movement with breath work and natural medicines to facilitate embodiment and transformation.

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Javier Sanhueza