10 reasons to do a retreat at Shambalanté

A Journey of Transformation in the Mayan Jungle

In the heart of the Yucatan jungle, surrounded by lush vegetation and charged with the energetic legacy of the Mayan culture, is Shambalanté, a sanctuary dedicated to wellness and spiritual transformation, which was created and conceived for the expansion of consciousness, under the principles and wisdom of Toltequity.

This unique space offers an unparalleled experience for those seeking to deepen their path of personal and spiritual growth, and the following are just ten reasons why choosing Shambalanté as the venue for your next retreat is a life-changing choice for you and the people attending your event.

1. Deep connection with nature

Shambalanté is located in the middle of the majestic Yucatecan jungle, offering a natural environment that promotes inner peace and reconnection with the earth.

Being here, you will always be surrounded by nature, you will have the opportunity to experience various outdoor activities and you can relax with the sound of the wind, the singing of birds and the sounds of a jungle environment.

In addition, an important point is that the facilities and operation of Shambalanté are designed and thought to be friendly with nature and respectful with the environment, so you can be sure that your retreat will take place in an eco-friendly space, conscious of the respect that Mother Earth deserves and concerned about sustainability.

2. Mayan energetic legacy

The location is no coincidence; Shambalanté is immersed in an area where the Mayan culture was established, so the energetic legacy of this sacred land is present in this space, making it a place steeped in history and spirituality, which enriches and enhances every activity and practice performed in retreats.

3. Diversity of transforming activities

From temazcal, an ancient purification practice, to Mayan massages, cacao ceremonies, power walks, intention tree planting, bonfire, cenote visits, yoga and meditation, Shambalanté offers a wide range of experiences and activities that support spiritual connection, healing processes and personal growth to deepen the retreat experience. You can choose one or more of the sacred and connecting experiences for healing and awakening to complement your retreat program. Find more information about the experiences we offer at this link.

4. Conscious eating

The food at Shambalanté is organic, natural and vegetarian. The dishes served in the dining room are not only delicious, but most of them are prepared with locally grown and produced ingredients, so they are made with clean and nutritious ingredients that help detoxify the body and support the spiritual and personal growth processes, nourishing both body and spirit.

5. Proximity to sacred cenotes

Being immersed in the Yucatecan jungle and close to crystal clear cenotes offers unparalleled benefits for spiritual retreats, from natural purification to the inspiration and renewal that only direct contact with nature can provide. The proximity to the cenotes allows retreatants at Shambalanté to experience the serenity, beauty and energetic, healing power of these natural wonders.

6. Proximity to archaeological sites

Being located in an area that was inhabited by the Maya, Shambalanté is relatively close to some archaeological sites built by this civilization, which represent a valuable historical, cultural, symbolic and energetic legacy.

When doing your retreat in Shambalanté, you can organize a visit to sites of interest and renown, such as Chichen Itzá, to take advantage of the energy of these spaces and thus enhance the spiritual and healing effects of the practices you offer.

7. Optimal facilities for retreat activities

At Shambalanté we have adequate facilities for classes, meditations, conferences, yoga sessions, ceremonies and holistic practices, etc. These spaces can be adapted to your needs, those of your group and the essence of the retreat you offer. We have available:

  • 2 yoga and meditation rooms
  • 2 Palapas
  • 6 swimming pools
  • Rooms with historical lineage of the place
  • Magical gardens

Consult more information about the spaces we have to receive retreats and request your quote in this link.

8. Rooms for all needs

In Shambalanté we have several types of rooms where you can be in contact with nature and with yourself, in addition to having the right environment for you to have a restful rest and relaxation time.

In all our rooms you can enjoy a night of restoration and deep rest, which will level you with the energy of the earth and place you in the ideal temperature to sleep better, thanks to the mattresses with magnets, or you can have a different experience by resting while floating in a delicious hammock.

We have available:

  • 20 double rooms with a common bathroom area.
  • 5 double rooms with living room and bathroom with bathtub
  • 8 rooms with private bathroom with shower
  • 9 double rooms with indoor garden and private bathroom with shower.

Depending on availability during the dates of your retreat, you can choose the options that best suit the type of activities you offer and the group you expect to receive.

9. Personalized staff support

Shambalanté’s staff is available to support you in whatever is necessary for the realization of your retreat and the adaptation of the spaces to the needs of your activities. The team is deeply committed to the well-being of each visitor, ensuring that the retreat is not only a transformative experience but also comfortable and enriching in all aspects.

10. Disconnect from the world to connect with the inner self

Being in the middle of the jungle, you will find that at Shambalanté the pace of each day slows down and becomes much calmer and peaceful, compared to the fast pace of life we have become accustomed to in the cities. This gives you the opportunity to disconnect from the chaos and noise that have become everyday, to connect with the inner essence, with the purest of the Self and the heart. This has a great value to enhance the healing and transformative effects of each retreat, as it creates the right environment for introspection, learning, healing and growth.

Shambalanté is a portal to personal and spiritual transformation. In this sacred space, surrounded by the beauty and energy of the Mayan jungle, visitors can experience a profound renewal and awakening. The unique combination of its natural environment, the richness of its activities and the commitment of its staff make Shambalanté the ideal place for those seeking to deepen their spiritual path and reconnect with their deepest essence.