Kinam: Learn about Psychophysical Practice, a Legacy of Ancient Anahuac

The cultures of ancient Mexico have inherited a vast body of knowledge, whose legacy can be reengaged with and apply it to personal growth and wellness in all aspects of life, as well as to have a connection with ourselves, with Mother Earth, and with the greatness of our identity, our roots and the value of ancestral wisdom.

Part of this legacy that has been rescued today is a practice known as “Kinam”, defined as “an art to harmonize the body and the spirit”, as it consists of a psychophysical practice, that involves the physical, mental and spiritual spheres.

What Kinam Is

The word “Kinam” is an abbreviation of the Nahuatl verb “Kinatia”, which refers to applying force to achieve balance. It derives from the root “Kin”, which means ‘power’, and in the Mayan language gives name to the Sun. The term Kinam gives rise to concepts such as “Kinamik”, which is the ‘power to harmonize’; and “Kiname”, which refers to a ‘balanced person’ and is used to name the practitioners of Kinam.

It is important to clarify that Kinam is not a religion, but a whole way of understanding the world, as well as an initiative for action, in which it is necessary to learn to breathe correctly, pay attention to the physical posture, control thoughts and educate perception; thus, the practitioner can become a better person, no matter what his or her beliefs are.

Kinam is based on a series of techniques and postures that come from the tradition of the ancient Anahuac -the region we know as Mesoamerica-, which have the objective of preparing us to express the fullness of our energetic potential, as well as helping to balance the dimensions that constitute the human being: body, mind, energy and spirit.

This balance is achieved through the practice of the so-called “Toltec postures of power”, which refer to various symbolic elements of the culture of Anahuac, in addition to being oriented to the four directions (the four cardinal points) and are also related to the elements of nature: earth, water, air and fire. Therefore, performing these postures is not only a physical exercise or a spiritual practice, but also a ritual of gratitude to Mother Earth.


Main Benefits of Practicing Kinam

The power of Kinam is that it recovers many of the physical practices performed by the warriors as well as by the inhabitants of Anahuac in general. By performing the postures, practitioners can feel how their body is activated, achieve a greater connection and understanding of it.

Simultaneously, there is a connection with nature, the elements and the wisdom of Mesoamerican cultures, which helps people feel more grounded, strong and connected to the ancestral power.

Kinam is also a practice with meditative essence, as it allows us to connect with the inner Self, by opening a channel of perception to feel how the body’s energy is mobilized to generate changes in the mind, emotions, thoughts and sensations.

Its practice helps to generate a daily intention, to disolve stress and worries, to clear the mind to think with greater clarity, to calm, to release emotions, as well as to harnesh more energy, both internally and externally.

As you can see, Kinam is a path to wellness on all levels and a practice that contributes to personal growth. The best of it is that it is within your reach to practice it.

In Mexico you can go to some institutions and schools, such as Instituto Kinam and AgoraLucis, where both in-person classes and online sessions are offered, providing the opportunity to experience the benefits that this ancient technique can bring you at all levels.