Learn about the relationship of the gut with the mind and emotions

Although it may seem that they are two organs that have little to do with each other, the intestine and the brain are closely related and affect each other. So much so, that the intestine is known as the “second brain”, because not in vain many of the emotions have effects in the abdominal area and feelings such as sadness, anger, nervousness, fear and joy can be felt in the intestine, besides some of them can stagnate both in the digestive tract and in other organs of the body in the form of toxins.

For this reason, emotional imbalances cause discomfort or disharmony in the gut and in the body in general; and likewise, physical problems in the gut can cause imbalances in the mind and emotions.

Past trauma, for example, also has an effect on the nervous system and the gut. A study conducted by Columbia University found that traumatic childhood experiences can cause stomach or gut problems, which can manifest in adulthood as mental or emotional problems.

This is because, if there are old emotions that have previously been suppressed, they can become trapped or lodged in the body, in the form of toxins, discomfort and disease, until they are worked through, processed and ready to be released.

This is why some people feel pain, anger, sadness and anxiety in the gut or stomach. Some symptoms of stress that can manifest in the intestine include colic, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach ulcers, among others.

Emotions such as fear, sadness, stress and anger can affect the bowel, as the energy they conduct through the body can increase or decrease bowel movements and the contents within the bowel, which makes the digestive system susceptible to inflammation, pain and other discomforts whose origin is in the emotions, especially those that do not flow and remain stagnant.

So, when addressing the discomforts of both body and mind, it must be done from a holistic perspective, in which the human being is conceived as a whole made up of body, mind, emotions and spirit, in order to find and solve the true cause of the discomfort, considering the role that emotions play in it.

In order to heal, those stagnant emotions must be felt slowly with the help of mindfulness, so that they can move through the body and then be discarded and released.

This accumulation of emotions in the body, and especially in the intestine, can be released through processes of rest, relaxation, therapy and through techniques such as channeled healing, which is part of the Detox retreat that we offer in Shambalanté, where you will learn to be aware of the emotions, thoughts and toxins that you have stored in the various organs and tissues of the body, so that they can be eliminated using the intestine as an exit door.

This retreat is unique in its kind, combining channeled healing transmissions, clean eating, supplementation, movement, meditation, ancestral techniques of intestinal purification and relaxation. In this way, you will work with your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies to bring them back into balance and heal.