Our Mission

Shambalanté: Heart of Sacred Land

Shambalanté is the Heart of a Sacred Land, immersed in the Yucatecan jungle, where the Mayans left a powerful legacy of healing at a vibratory level. This will allow you to dive into a deeper and more authentic spiritual and healing experience through the various courses and retreats of meditation, yoga, detox, tantra, etc. that we offer.

In addition, the energetic resonance of this place will also allow you to connect with your heart and with your essence, to heal from the deepest core of your being, leaving behind what you don’t need.

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significado de Shambhala y Chalanté(ingles)

Healing space

We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to live authentic and profound experiences that will take you on an inner journey towards the recognition of your being. For that we will facilitate a combination of spiritual processes based on the ancestral roots of Mayan wisdom, while you will be enveloped by the powerful energetic vibration that emanates from this healing space, the very Heart of a Sacred Land.

Shambalanté is a unique space, immersed in the Yucatecan jungle. By being part of our retreats and meditation, yoga and detox courses, you will be in close and direct contact with nature, as well as having a conducive environment of peace, tranquility and stillness, required to promote human development, spiritual growth, introspection, connection with your heart and your most authentic essence.

In Harmony with Nature

The sacred land of Shambalanté is located in the middle of the lush Yucatecan jungle. During your stay you will be continuously surrounded by nature and the flora of the place, and you will also enjoy a diversity of wildlife such as tropical birds, insects and the occasional reptiles.

Our facilities coexist in harmony with nature and operate under the premise that our activities are environmentally friendly. Therefore, our areas work with solar pannels; we harvest food directly from our garden to the table, so our food is totally fresh and organic; our bathrooms and showers are perfectly integrated within nature, and we create our own environmentally friendly hygiene products. On this same note, we encourage our guests and visitors to use only organic products, such as sunscreens, cosmetics and repellents that are biodegradable.

Disconnect from everything, Connect with yourSelf

Being in the middle of the jungle, you will find that in Shambalanté the pace of each day enables you to slow down, allowing your daily experience to become much calmer and peaceful, compared to the fast pace of life we have become accustomed to in the cities.

Disconnect from the external

Although in our facilities there is coverage via the main cell phone companies and Wi-Fi connection (limited to the dining area for basic activities, such as checking emails or sending messages), Shambalanté is a space that invites you to disconnect from everything so you can reconnect with yourself.

Connect deep within

Through the profound experiences offered by the different retreats, courses and events we have created for you, live to the fullest the experience of connecting with your essence. Each one of our offerings will help you to heal and balance your energy, as well as to detoxify your body and spirit, to regain balance in your life.

Heal and Recharge your Energies

Gift yourself the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful place and connect with nature by going for a walk or having a relaxed moment in the pools, filling yourself with the energy of this sacred land, whose powerful vibration, legacy of our ancestors, will help you heal and purify.