Why Should you Attend a Detox Retreat?

The lifestyle that is maintained in today’s world favors the accumulation of toxins in the body. Most people’s diets are becoming less and less natural, as they are increasingly based on processed products, which include additives, preservatives, flavorings, colorings and countless chemical substances that, over time, damage the body’s functioning and lead to health problems.

Toxins do not only accumulate because of food or environmental factors – such as air, water and soil pollution -, they also arise due to stagnant emotions, caused by past traumas and experiences that have not been healed and released.

This accumulation of toxins causes discomfort, such as lack of energy, digestive, hormonal or thyroid imbalances, liver, skin or joint problems, muscle pain, allergies, migraines, respiratory diseases, as well as emotional and mental ailments, such as depression or anxiety.

Retiro detox

Due to these reasons, doing detoxification processes that help to purify your being in all its dimensions (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) is highly recommended, ideally once or twice per year.

One way to carry out detoxification at all levels is to attend a Detox Retreat, where in addition to providing you with a natural diet that will help cleanse your body through the intestine, techniques and tools to free yourself from stagnant emotions and thoughts that are at the root of many of your problems, also on the physical level, will be shared as well.

In this type of retreats, especially those with a holistic approach, the teachers who guide them are aware that the human being is not only a physical body, but it also consists of mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions, all of which are interconnected, affecting each other. From this perspective, healing a problem, disease or imbalance implies healing the totality of your being.

Retiro detox

Detoxification allows the body to cleanse and reset itself by eliminating everything that does not serve it and naturally releasing stored toxins that have accumulated within the tissues. 

In addition to that, through various healing processes, such as channeled healing, purification of mind and spirit can also be facilitated. For example, releasing stagnant emotions and thoughts through the intestines, which have become burdened, generating energetic imbalances or weakenesses in your being.

In this way, you will be able to regain balance, so that your being can return to the natural state of well-being it needs to function normally and effeciently. Thus, after participating in a detox retreat you will feel fresh, light, with more energy and improved health. Furthermore, you will learn the tools you need to change your lifestyle for a healthier one, which will help you to keep your body free of toxins, as well as your mind and spirit clean of repressed emotions

Shambalanté offers several Detox Retreats: 7-Day Detox and Channeled Healing and 14-Day Detox and Channeled Healing, where you will evoke the experiences of your life, to awaken memories, patterns, experiences and thoughts that have impregnated your tissues and organs, so you can eliminate them from your body, through the intestine, via ancestral techniques of purification, such as channeled healing. Find all the information and reserve your place using this link.